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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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more. edward snowden the has called a meeting of the most of his being holed up in with a mine in south expected to find any comment on america's global hunger for and. also surveillance really does pay so says a new report finding of american corporations zero raking in millions by sending your data to a government agency. also this hour rival crowds are encouraged to take to the streets all across egypt have the country remains an open footed schooltime oil which some introductions believe is playing into the army's hands. calls it a six hundred extra police to keep the upcoming orange launch as you noted protest at the decision to be rid of the nine year old the raid.
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this is coming to you live from moscow it's great to have you with us this hour let's turn to a new start. after two weeks in hiding at what snowden is finally is set to speak out according to gather amazing with prominent russian and international human rights activists a noise that whistle blowing hiding is said to be a church in moscow where the conference is to take place and to our correspondent. there reno and this has been expected for a while constant. well you can't really say that it was expected the thing about this issue is with snowden is that you had to be prepared for everything including the unexpected has been holed up for reportedly in the transfer zone
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officer meant to the airport which is right behind me for almost three weeks at this point and then of course journalists and then pretty much everybody else is going crazy trying to figure out what his next move will be everybody expecting him to go to cuba to go to this well or any other country to which he has applied for asylum via q but that didn't happen and now he's coming out with this letter which you can i believe you can read if you go to either our t's official twitter feed or our to your web site you can see the letter for yourself it's actually he's actually inviting members the representatives often one rights organizations including. very high profile russian lawyers to come through for him to come for a meeting which will be held right here. in which he will make a brief statement the details of which we get do not know and also talk about the situation concerning the u.s. under raveling this massive manhunt for edward snowden now our team has contacted some of those to go in the letter was addressed and. quite
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a few of them were really excited about this perspective but good others have remained not quite so jubilant let's have a list. given your value and you know yes i will at times i have no questions that i want to ask with mr snowden i'm not an expert on immigration on human rights and the night. states i will go so that nobody thanks to human rights watch doesn't care. and of course that was a statement from human rights watch representative for earlier in the day claimed that she will not attend this meeting. so of course that we have to do it so we don't know exactly what it will be studied during the these statement to snowden is going to make up there are some speculations coming from one russian lawyer that he's expecting snowden quite possibly to ask for political asylum in russia over that situation has already been played out he has asked for asylum in russia but
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with his request russian president vladimir putin said that he's ready to grant that request only if snowden stops. here merican the american actions obviously that was not a choice for snowden who really is arguably on america's most wanted list if not the first man on the list and definitely in the top three the u.s. has gone as far as to even. stop playing the. president on route from moscow to believe because of information that they have received that snowden was on that plane so really it will be interesting to see what mr snowden will have to say on the matter of course we'll be keeping a close eye on what's happening here at your midst will not see me oh she's going to scar is closely following. snowden saga for as they were many thanks indeed for that update. profit not patriotism may be driving the telecom untethered trying since he is he has
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a washington surveillance program from microsoft to google it's a match that companies are raking in count by selling all that climate data to the government and its taxpayers who are stomping out the money she's going to take on has more now on the surveillance price list. if you are a u.s. taxpayer whether or not you agree with the government's wholesale electronic snooping you are paying for it and you will probably never know how much exactly because for the covert world of its unaccountable spying activities the government has a black budget but some numbers or available they refer to law enforcement requests so according to last year's disclosures america's telecommunications giants build the government just as they build their clients we have some specifics each wiretap eighteen thousand for example charges an activation fee of three hundred twenty five dollars plus ten dollars a day to maintain it rise then another telecommunications giant takes seven hundred
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seventy five dollars for for the first month and five hundred dollars each month after these numbers may not shock you into you learned that the average wiretap cost u.s. taxpayers fifty thousand dollars given the scope of surveillance that could amount to a lot of money but again these figures are based on disclosed dida as we learned from a number of whistleblowers and not just edward snowden the u.s. national security agency operates under wraps under secret orders nobody knows how much exactly they spent to tap fiber optic cables or to collect data on americans and the rest of the world but we do know that the n.s.a. storage facility alone cost some one point seven billion dollars that the center in utah is capable of storing every e-mail voice mail and social media communication it can get its hands on the government is certainly very reluctant to discuss its snooping activities with the public they just repeat the mantra it's done to keep america safe but as americans learn more about the price they pay for the presumed
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safety they are becoming increasingly wary in the latest polls we see a significant shift in public opinion you see three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought that the government went too far in restricting civil liberties three. years later we see forty five percent of americans think so we see that with knowledge comes opposition how can you oppose something that you know nothing about right so perhaps not surprisingly the government is doing everything it can so that the public knows as little as possible about these programs in washington i'm going to. and as a whistleblower edward snowden's latest leak particular targets microsoft going beyond the call of duty the firm allegedly installed backdoor access to its services exclusively for government surveillance if that's the case microsoft's denial of giving out ball data would still be true as the government would need to ask and ray mcgovern a retired cia officer says the setup exemplifies the problem. what's happened here
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is the us companies have become joining in a way with the united states government in such a way that you have the cooperation of the government or just the media and the congress and judiciary all pretty much joining in a complicit attempt to circumvent the constitution of the united states there is zero concern on the part of the communications companies to violate the law but they know that they'll be protected even if it's as post facto so skype of course is where we're communicating my readings to the n.s.a. people who are watching us by simulcast i just learned from this latest revelation that not only can they intercept our voice but they share images so hello to all the n.s.a. monitors out there. if you want to find out just how far microsoft went to
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provide the government with access states and sky programs you can read the full article on r.t. dot com. fears of imminent conches are running high in egypt as friday's expected to see mass rival run is across the volatile state the muslim brotherhood and its supporters have vowed to protest until the ousted islamist president mohammed morsi is a re-installed while the anti melissa camp will be out celebrating the crew which unseated they elected me to him but as also he's barely true in our reports downside getting stronger over the military's ability to handle the transition properly. this is the moment that egypt found that the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi had been ousted her square erupted with a chant of the army and the people of one hand chief of the armed forces defense minister sisi became the hero of the moment however after clashes between morsy
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supporters and the army left over fifty people dead just days after a new interim president had been sworn in some began to fear the army would wrestle power from civilians and rule with a heavy hand why is the army in disguise making a hard stand interfering in politics but they're not really helping civilians on the ground and then you see something like the massacre by the presidential guard club and what happened even if it was a muslim brotherhood was started this at the end of the day there is a human rights violation which is massive and severe because if you are going to shoot people who are trying to get into a building of that importance you don't actually shoot to kill egyptian n.g.o.s maintaining the military had a terrible human rights record during their last period of rule after the ouster of hosni mubarak they were involved in killing protesters that was the accountability for any of the military crimes they torture protesters they arrested they also try to restrict freedom of expression and most of all they really monopolize this isn't
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making power i mean they wrote the road map at the time the military for their part promised in a number of televised press conferences that they were not interested in politics or reeling and instead are assisting the country's movement towards a civilian democracy the. armed forces have issued more than one statement saying we want a real democracy in the country. the new president doesn't have enough experience with the political situation in egypt so the military is merely supporting him in the way the muslim brotherhood attacked the military which was defending itself its offices and the institution. as the chance of those on the. the square behind me indicates people turn to the army in moments of on rest the military is the real power base here in egypt every one of the countries president's house hailed from the armed forces except for mohamed morsi was ousted all to just one year in office but apart from minute tree money and political clout they also have significant
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economic interests owning several business monopolies and factories as one of the only functioning state institutions at the moment and with little civilian alternative to morsi am to his music brotherhood many people fear that the army whether it wants to or not its once again in the country so true r t are. scrambling to get its economy back on the straight and narrow the french government tries to fill its budget black hole would they hold on to money of its own top or does it stay with aussie to find out how it snapping the country's economic lifeblood. out of russia remembers a key turning point in world war two become a raging and reenacting a decisive basile the drove the nazi assault on the soviet union that's coming your way here on also a very short break. some
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of these traditional a chilly lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a total struction of the culture of mexico i tell you what i mean this this is not going to impact asylum in mexico whatever happens here we're going to have to hope we're eating out in the in the open you know all the organs that work for. genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. you if you. so choose your life stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television it just doesn't matter with your mobile device
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you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. this is coming to you live from moscow welcome by members of the loyalist orange order have started marching through stages across northern ireland police force has been reinforced by more than six hundred officers from other u.k. branches the marchers word has been shortened days here with a bomb on an evening walk through a six terran flashpoint unionist leaders have expressed outrage at the decision but have promised to keep any protests peaceful to have us is in belfast with more for . this parade takes place annually and considered one of the most controversial of the unionist orange orders marching season this year there's been some contention over the routes now normally the parade would pass the arguing shops that's
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considered a flashpoint aaron is actually about two hundred metres up the road from where i'm standing now now in the morning this will be the parade is going to be able to march past that area enjoying the main parade with the parades commission has ruled that all of the great spanish they won't be allowed to return past that flashpoint area now that's the area where in the past we've seen tensions flare up in some violence breaking out between the unionists and the nationalist community that live this year the marches are going to be stopped on their way back in that small feed a parade. i hear now that has caused some anger amongst the unionist community we've heard the orange order saying that there would be some protests in the coming days although they did say that their intention was for those to be peaceful of course so that has caused some concern that perhaps that statement from the orange
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order an indication that we could see some destruction later on today and we'll be bringing you updates throughout the day as that parade gets underway shortly. and it was me now to look close how big knowledge is today's aussies i've crossed a i've a great to see you today then why is it that so much tension situation. particularly this year there is there's a lot of anger in the us annoyingness community. the there they are under siege at least they feel themselves to be under siege key symbols relate to their political. identity are being are being rolled back for example. the flying of the flag over belfast city hall and the restrictions that were placed on the playing of the union jack over belfast city hall should i say has proven a very controversial issue and sparked a lot of riots earlier in belfast which which they reported on earlier in the year
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and secondly the parades commission which was set up under the under the peace process started to restrict groups the orange order would have claimed a legitimate queen's highways which they could've done which they could march now there's a couple of extra dimensions to this year's marching season as well is not the city of derry which some would call londonderry but i call it derry because i'm from republican this gives you an idea of how he said things could guess because we're the ones political. background is demarcated by the very words that you use. is the londonderry let's say the united kingdom city of culture this year and as part of that celebration they will host a march of five thousand orangeman members of this protestant lodge to celebrate. protestant identity in northern ireland and frankly quite
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a lot of people journalists to report on northern ireland are expecting a lot of a lot of tension and a lot of trouble around not march in particular situation seems to me quite complicated that the definition the division between the groups and. talking about loyalists and republicans it's not quite entrenched so can you tell us what's going on just what there is very good yeah it's not that by looking at the clashes it's by looking at the clashes it's if we just take a look at the troubles of the peace process very quickly i mean if you go back about forty years i think. i think it's fair to say that northern ireland was something close to an apartheid state in that there were two dominant religions one certainly enjoyed a great position of superiority over the other there was a lease isn't there and there's also a disempowerment of local working class communities both on the other side and on the republican side deeply disempowered communities wrecked by violence and that's still carries over like now into into what we've seen today but you've also got to
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look at how those communities were somewhat hammered into a peace process that was contrived that was created by tony blair and bertie ahearn the irish at the time was also hammered into a peace process that was not essentially of its own making by the blair p.r. machine and we all know how powerful the tony blair p.r. machine is that this was a peace process that was celebrated on the island a nobel prizes were given out as a result of it. but during that time gerry adams the former shin fein concert and people thought he was a member of the ira always used to say you know they haven't gone away you know despite all this p.r. and all this smoothing over they haven't gone away you know and he was absolutely right what we're seeing is. the fact that the peace process is far from finished all right i thank you very much indeed for your insight. and on our website also dot com the writings on the new book for
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a german history's message projected on the u.s. embassy in london him lay in major trouble with brains i don't want. a lot of your race to old to provide and i'm not sure design stuff colorado thought that digs a fine line just a few feet from a scorching blaze in a cornfield the breathtaking video at all the state of. modern economic malaise and scrambling to raise money to bring down its deficit the french government has again turned to taxes to get its economy back on track after a harvest of own creases this year the finance minister has refused to rule out hit more hikes in twenty fourteen but has also used maria for no sharp falls they have a burden is pushing independent businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. it's that's half a ton of slashed prices in the stores of paris but behind some of the red price
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tags there are said stories for pascal whose flour and get chopped has been in business for twenty five years it's a closing down sale for many months the taxes he pays have been it in up all his profit he simply doesn't make money any more. they don't understand that we small businessmen at the engines and guarantors of the country's development and they are stifling us i can't afford star and i do all the work myself for twelve hours a day but that isn't enough. to businessmen from china and the arab world have already responded to his almost two hundred thousand two year offer to sell up prescott is not surprised at the lack of domestic interest french pockets he says are empty. it's a dramatic situation the same as in greece spain italy unemployment is soaring. just around the corner mario
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a pizza restaurant owner puts on his apron and heads to the kitchen his still hopes he can save his business and avoid so in up. we are george to much i pay around sixty five percent of what i earn but i also have to pay my staff and i need to buy produce this means i affectively or nothing. session public spending and hike in texas while introducing new taxes as well was part of the socialist governments and to crisis strategy when it came to power loss here and it seems of treatment has had the opposite of the desired effect there we are suffering more and more taxes more and more relation and more and more uncertainty for no the there will be a trigger for type one to you and make sure there is a next month or so it's very difficult for them to to plant your activity to to plan what you have to do what you have to invest so that the we know investment we
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have no problem in the credit of the president we are not sure you know consumers to purchase more more than say no to us. but another tax lawyer the most so tough to specialists these days says that businessmen a constantly in defensive mode and that this stops them from developing and advance in the economy. some thirty years ago there were many small businesses from paris and they punctured wells but now they've disappeared that means no more production and people that used to work there are most likely unemployed now it's a dramatic situation. some say things could become even more dramatic very soon september's the month when the french return from their vacations and realize that they spend all that money and it's also time for them to feeling that tax to corrections public anxiety is growing on a stretcher burden and many here believe that if things keep going base way anger
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could soon manifest itself on the streets or even not seen from paris. and now for some more international news and brave this hour in brazil clashes have broken out between verses and release a number of regions following a one day mation one general strike the action was called to capitalize on a wave of mass demonstrations last month of poverty levels and working conditions the speed of which the protests spread forced the government to announce a referendum on political reforms. in indonesia at least five prisoners have been killed in a massive jailbreak in which two hundred inmates escaped a huge police one hundred in the way officials say the riot may have been triggered by anger at poor conditions which include pile of blackouts and water shortages fires were started and fifteen prison guards taken hostage during the violence it's thought some of the prisoners were suspected terrorists. it was
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a confrontation but the tide in world war two and one of the largest tongue battles in history about fifteen hundred russian and german vehicles clutch from dawn till dusk eventually halting the nonsense sold on the soviet union seventy years on commemorations are under way on the scene of the f.a. can gauge went with an immoral events planned throughout the day and looks now by pastry and how it's being remembered now. seventy years ago this area and hundreds of kilometers around it would have been full of sites like this it was summer nine hundred forty three the site of hitler's last great offensive on these fronts. millions of men and thousands of tanks and guns turned this whole area into a giant military camp as these reactors were trying to show attacking from the north and south the germans wanted to trap soviet forces and destroy them they breached the road on these three main belts but met with for russia's resistance
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after a week of fighting many of the german forces when exhaustion it was at that point that perhaps the battles most iconic moment came here on the fields around the village of profit off a german tank formation and the soviet one ran headlong into each other the ensuing battle raged for hours amid the chaos tanks rammed each other firing at point blank range and men screamed as they burned alive inside their vehicles thousands died on that day but it was perhaps the last attempt of the germans to assault the soviet positions even today bullets shells and metal debris from the battle of being found in the surrounding fields and woods the numbers of those directly involved in the battle is dwindling but only they like ninety year old abraham yet he lives ski can remember the true horror of it all. there were moments when times were simply a ramming each other one and top of another everything was burning nothing like
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this is ever going to history of mankind. here you shortly after that the germans called off their attack and began to lose territory the red army had finally beaten the germans at their own game in a large summer offensive there would be no more great german attacks on the eastern front and right of the break we'll have the latest episode of prime interest. many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so
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president of some contras since he had a delayed flight for a few hours they happen man plus you've got to get that still guy at all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it do it if you think for a moment that any officials who are so willing to ground morality would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. what is the future of democracy in the arab middle east in the wake of the coup d'etat
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in egypt is this region condemned to a vicious cycle of uprisings and brutal suppression what about the claimed islamic democracy are incompatible and does the west really have an interest in seeing the people of the middle east free to decide their own destinies. good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english in washington d.c. . here are the stories we're telling today well so much for the summer doldrums after the markets closed yesterday ben told the markets begin to move in gold he said the easy money spigot will remain open wax on wax well we'll talk market manipulation with the get to the next and there is a chill blowing through tech land that's because after apple's gamble to go to trial well the judge came down hard she ruled the antitrust suit that apple was guilty of price fixing e-books now the tech giant will likely be regulated by the feds finally an eighty year old ban that was.